Reading this Week – April 14

  • Three-Way Split by Elia Winters – fun m/m/f. I’ve decided that I prefer m/m/f to m/f/m. I like for everyone to be in love with everyone in my poly-romances.
  • Love Will Always Remember by Tracey Livesay – m/f romance. I am not always of fan of one of the MCs being in a relationship when they get together with their True Love, but I was able to get past that because the writing was so gorgeous and the hero was so wonderful.
  • Picture Perfect Cowboy by Tiffany Reisz – short and sweet m/f. My first exposure to Tiffany Reisz was the totally bananas The Red. This was a fun one with some D/s in there.
  • Single AF by Sherelle Green – clever, funny m/f. This was one of my better finds on KU.
  • Before Girl by Kate Canterbary – 35+ m/f. I enjoyed reading about a couple that’s my age and older. The hero called the Heroine “sweet thing” and that took me out of the story every single time.
  • Cocky Cowboy by Jamila Jasper – m/f with a mystery attached. I didn’t love this one, but I didn’t hate it either. I liked the Heroine. She was really strong. I guess I just had trouble believing their relationship because they didn’t really get to know each other much.
  • An Unseen Attraction by KJ Charles – m/m with a mystery attached. The relationship was sweet but the mystery was kind of boring to me until the very end, when it was solved and hinted at further mystery that comes along later in the series.
  • That Kind of Guy by Talia Hibbert – m/f, last in the Ravenswood series. I have been anticipating this one like crazy and I got an ARC from the author. It comes out May 2, and I’ll post a full review that week. I have squee for this book.
  • 28 Dates by Stacey Lynn – m/f, sort of second chance, friends with benefits to friends to true love. This book has a horrible cover on the ARC but it was a sweet story.

Damn, I read a lot this week. But I didn’t do any rereads and a lot of these were 2 hours or less.

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