Reading this Week – April 21

  • Bad Blood by M. Malone – I read this for the first book of the Romance Sparks Joy book club, which is promoting diverse romance. It was a sexy, fun read. I’ll probably track down more in this series.
  • Fake Wife by Stacey Lynn – This is the first book in the series of the 28 Dates book that I read last week. I think I liked this one better. I really like the characters.
  • Getting Hot with the Scot by Melonie Johnson – I received an e-ARC of this one from Netgalley. The book comes out on April 30. Full review coming. Spoiler: I’m a sucker for a ginger hero.
  • American Witch by Thea Harrison – Another one with a full review pending. It will post on April 29, the day the book releases. It will be my first full review on this site, actually!

I ended up reading a lot of bits and pieces of many books this week, but not much caught my attention enough to finish it so that’s why the list is a little shorter this week.

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